Robert F. Williams



Born on February, 26, 1925 in Monroe, North Carolina. His mother and father were railroad boiler washers. William's grandmother a former slave gave him a rifle that his grandfather used to defend himself, when he worked for the newspaper the people's voice, since that black reporter got hit on the head with a brick. When Williams was eleven he saw a white police officer beating a old black women to the ground. When Robert was a little bit older he went to Detroit and he saw brutal race riots.

Kissing case

When he was about 33 he joined the group NAACP. He helped two black boys who were accused of kissing a white girl in 1958. Then Robert became famous for that reason, and that reason only. So, to help self defense for blacks he wrote a book called Negroes With Guns. After that Rob and Mabel went to china to talk about the United States unjust.

Civil rights revolutionary

Williams was struggling with the civil rights act because he was ahead of the black panthers.So he called in a meeting with the NAACP, called ‘meeting violence with violence’.He was also apart of the PAFHR Williams was a revolutionary black nationalist for helping black people getting gun and knifes for self defense.

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Roberts family

We Shall Overcome - Pete Seeger