Don't Play With Fire: It Burns


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What Are Burns?

Burns are injuries to tissues and skin.

There are 3 degrees of burns: 1st (least serious), 2nd, & 3rd (most serious).

All require medical attention.

How Are Burns Caused?

Burns are caused by heat, electricity, and chemicals coming in direct contact with the body.

This poster focuses on heat burns.

Signs and Symptoms


  • 1st degree: red, swollen skin
  • 2nd degree: red, swollen, blistered skin
  • 3rd degree: white, charred black, or brown skin


  • All: painful
  • 1st degree: affects outer layer of skin
  • 2nd: affects top 2 layers of skin
  • 3rd degree: affects all skin layers & some deeper tissues; nerves may be damaged if there's no pain

First Aid Procedures

  • 1st degree:

  1. If the skin's not broken, soak the burned area in cool (not ice) water.
  2. After 5 minutes, cover with a dry gauze bandage.
  3. Administer OTC (over the container) medicine for the victim to reduce the pain and swelling.

  • 2nd degree:

  1. Soak burned area in cool water for 15 minutes or apply cool compresses (not ice, shortening, or grease.)
  2. After it cools completely, apply aloe vera lotion to the burn.
  3. Don't break the blisters.
  4. Cover lightly with a gauze bandage and give the victim OTC pain medicine.
  5. Elevate affected area and treat the victim for shock.

  • 3rd degree:

  1. Contact emergency services right away.
  2. Remove victim from the source of heat.
  3. Do not remove burned clothing.
  4. Check the victim's breathing.
  5. Give rescue breathing or CPR if necessary.
  6. Cover the burn with a dry bandage or clean cloth.
  7. Stay with the victim until advanced medical help arrives.

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