One day Shelly and Amy were at the park at 1:00AM.

NO one knows why they are there so early in the morning at all so someone came up to shelly and said “what are you doing hear so early.”

So shelly said i am waiting for someone do you have a problem with that.

No i am just wondering what you are doing hear at 1:00 AM.

Cause i can and it is a free country DA.

Who do you think you are talking to.

I am not shear yet but maybe a crazy lady that is losing her mind.

I am not losing my mind but maybe you are for being here at 1:00 AM. Whatever you can just take your crazy but back up to your apartment and go back to sleep.

The Take With Shelly Cory And Amy Chapter 2

Hi you showed up me and Amy have been waiting for a long time and we had to talk to this weird girl.said Shelly.

Ya cause we got caught by a train.said Cory.

That is not an excuse at all.Amy said.

So they went back to the part wear Shelly was talking to that McKenzie girl. That was not an excuse thank you very much.Cory said.

So are we going to get to the fight or not you are talking a lot and i do not like it at all OK. Shelly said.

The Fight Begin's Chapter 3

first shelly tried to hit cory and missed and then cory tried to hit amy and he missed so then they sate down for a minute and then they all started to fighting again.

You know what guys Amy said.

Shelly and Cory said what.

So then the KENZI girl came over and said what are you all doing fighting over hear. And then shelly got up and kicked her in the face, and she said that heart.

So they said she is right why are we fighting.said Shelly.

So Cory looked at her and said we are fighting over a casual that is 3 stories tall for your information.

The Fight Stops Chapter 4

Shelly said GUYS GUYS STOP the fighting we she is right we need to stop fighting So who gets it Amy said.says Cory. We wear not just fighting for nothing wear we and i did not just wake up at 1:00 in the morning just to see Shelly kike someone in the face.So who gets it.

I do not know said Amy and Shelly

So McKenzie woke up and said i will choose who gets it ok

Then everyone said OK but they are all not made at each other.

Then McKenzie said i think Cory showed get it OK girls she said.

OK said they girls.

The Mack Up Chapter 5

So Cory said if i get it i will share it with you. So the girls said Ok that is just fine with us. So then they went to there new home.