The wonders of Italy

By Anthony Silvestri, Alex Raleigh, and Emilio vizcaino

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Population - la popolazione

The population of Italy is 61,680,122, the population growth rate is 0.3%. Rome is the Capital city of Italy with over 3 million people. Italy has historically lost many citizens to emigration but, the nation has experienced a large amount of immigrants the last two decades.

Geography-la geographia

Italy is shaped like a boot, but it is surrounded by lots mountains. It has a variety of Natural Landscapes: from the alpine mountains in the North to the coastal lowlands in the South. Southern areas are known for drought. The winters are cold and rainy in the North, cool around Rome, and mild in the South. Due to the Mediterranean climate, summers in the south can be really hot (up to 104 degrees fahrenheit or 40 degrees celsius) but the rest of the country has moderate summers. In addition, the area in square miles is 116,348, the area in kilometers is 301,340.
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Education in Italy is free from ages 6 up to 16. Private schools are mostly Catholic.The public school system is made up of Primary schooling which is five years, middle school which is three years, and high school which is three to five years. At the end of middle school and high school, you have to take an exam to be able to go to the next level. Unlike America when you just have to pass with passing grades than you automatically go to the next grade. In the United states we have high schools that have clubs and classes for hobbies that you like, but in Italy there are five separate kinds of high schools, those high schools are classical, scientific, human sciences, linguistic, and artistic. Students can also choose to go to a technical school. Students who don't want to go to college and want to go right to work can attend a professional institute for three to five years. Classes are held Monday through Saturday. Students study italian grammar, and study English, German, or French. Cheating is described as not unusual. The final exam for high school is oral meaning, that you have to present it in front of people not on paper. The students have to memorize a large amount and get it correct in order to pass.

Italian Dialect-dialetto italiano

In Italy, the official language is Italian, although dialects can differ from city to city. The Florentine and Roman dialects had a major influence on modern Italian. Most youth in Italy speak English, the second most common language is French. An ethnic minority in Tyrol speaks Ladin, a Romance language in native to Italy. The Tuscan dialect is the foundation for modern Italian. Many Italian dialects today are still spoken like Neapolitan Sicilian, Venetian and Milanese.
Language and Dialects in Italy

Fun facts-fatti divertenti

Did you know in 1996 when McDonalds was opened in Rome protesters stood out side handing everyone free pasta?
Did you know that the Venice film festival was founded in 1932 and is the worlds oldest national film festival in the world?

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