Mrs. Greene's 3rd Grade

January 15, 2016

What a GREAT Week!

It was a pleasure to be your child's teacher this week! Hard work and happy attitudes could be seen all over Room 9! This is the time of year where it gets harder and harder to stay motivated to give our best...It's cold outside, we are tired, and the snowy landscape outside our classroom window is very inviting. I am proud of the students' willingness to work, even when motivation is low!

I have been talking to the students about having a FIXED MINDSET vs a GROWTH MINDSET. It's amazing as I study this topic how relevant it is to each and every one of us. We are working on being RISK TAKERS, pushing forward with a positive attitude when things get tough, and understanding that failure is a good thing! Very valuable life lessons for 3rd graders to be learning!

Here is what is planned for next week:

Reading: Big Question - "What Causes Matter to Change?"

  • Cause/Effect
  • Making Connections
  • Reading a Science Article
  • Next weeks spelling: Long u


  • Decoding and Understanding a Writing Prompt
  • Building Writing Stamina
  • Each student is conferencing with Mrs. Townsley or Mrs. Greene during Writer's Workshop. We are working on: conventions, sticking to the topic, leads/conclusions


  • Plants
  • Each student planted a Wisconsin Fast Plant. We are observing growth and recording data.
  • Each team planted a plant changing a variable. Will they grow? Stay tuned...
  • Sam, Alex J, and Robbie each performed their own experiment at home. Thank you for sharing the experiments with us. It was a pleasure to watch and sure did get us excited about conducting our own experiments at home.

Mrs. Greene's Math Class

We are really enjoying our unit of study on Fractions. We have enjoyed the treats you sent in, and are really gaining a deeper understanding by modeling using the treats. THANK
YOU SO MUCH for your help with this!

Here is what is happening next week in Math...

  • Addition/Subtraction of fractions (mixed numbers, too)
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Comparing Fractions

Chapter 7 is a LONG chapter, so it will be a while before the next test. We will spend lots of time reviewing to further deepen our understanding of this complicated subject!

Please encourage your child to practice multiplication/division facts using I can really tell who is practicing based upon their ability to work through long division problems. It makes a huge difference and only takes 5 minutes each night.

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DId You Hear About Our Makerspace Fun?

January Birthdays:

Camryn - January 12

Matthew - January 12

Ally - January 26

Robbie - January 29

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Special Helper - Hallie

Hallie was our Special Helper last week. What a sweet girl she is. She can be seen leading the class by modeling excellent behavior! If anyone needs a friend, Hallie is sure to be there! Her hard work and positive attitude make her a joy to have in class :)


Remember...I am always willing and available to meet with you! Your children are important to me. Their progress in 3rd grade is my top priority!