Child Milestones

By: Jenna Bello

Birth and the first three months..

A baby will be able to smile, coo, look at parents, react to noises, follow objects with their eyes, and push up when on his/her stomach.

Three to six months after birth..

A baby will be able to roll over, bring objects to the mouth, recognize people, fear strangers, babbles, show emotion, and sit with support.

Six to nine months after birth..

A baby begins to communicate, crawls, pulls to standing, moves things from one hand to another, plays Peek-A-Boo, makes many "sounds", and grasps small foods between thumb and finger.

Nine to twelve months after birth..

A baby tries to repeat words, waves "bye-bye", understands simple directions, start to use items correctly, puts things in containers and takes them out, begins walking, and finds hidden objects.

The Sensorimotor Stage

This stage includes babies from the age 1 to 2 years. Actions should include; temper tantrums, pretend play, increased vocabulary, points to body parts, scribbles, moves up and down steps, undresses self, and drinks from a cup. They focus on what they see and what they are doing during the moment. They are still unsure of how things will react.

Behaviors of children 2 to 3 years of age..

They are independent, play with other children, defiant, stands on tiptoes, kicks a ball, runs, speaks in short sentences, follows two-step directions, sorts objects, and may begin to show hand dominance.

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Behaviors of children 3 to 5 years of age..

Children of this age will begin to carry on conversations, be able to pedal a tricycle/bike, complete puzzles, thrive with routine, walk up and down stairs with on foot on each stair, begin drawing people with several body parts, use scissors, tell stories, able to hop on one foot, play make believe, catch a bounced ball, and be able to do a somersault.

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