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How You Can Vote

In order to vote in the united states you must be a united states citizen and you must meet the states residency requirements also you must 18 years of age also many states require you to have a ID present when voting. However there are many different ways for you to register to vote for instance you can register online, register by means of a mail form or you can register in person at public facilities. Also if you happen to be in the military you and your family will also have the right to vote or if you happen to be out of the country or out of state and want to vote you then have to get a absentee ballot.

Voting Near You!

In North Carolina in order to vote you must be a US citizen must be a resident of the state for 30 days prior to the election, must be 18 years old or going to be by the time of the election however you must register to vote 60 days prior to the general or primary elections and you must not be serving a sentence or felony and you must resign any other previous registration in another country or state.