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A Publication of Genesee ISD: COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 Offers from Online Course Providers

We at GenNET Online Learning are here to assist you as you navigate the school closures and still take care of all your students' needs! Our supportive Course Providers are also looking out for you and finding ways to try to assist you with maintaining student learning in a remote environment. Below are some offers that you may be interested in pursuing, but please note:

  1. These free or discounted offers are for “content only”

  2. Your district teachers would need to run the courses either in your district LMS or in the Providers’ LMS.

  3. All courses would end as of June 30, 2020

  4. Due to the circumstances surrounding these offers, a purchase order will be required

Current Special Offers from Course Providers

  • Accelerate Education: offering grades 6-12 up to six course enrollments for $24 per student; K-5 up to five course enrollments for $34

  • BYU Independent Study: offering more than 100 FREE courses

  • Lincoln Learning: offering four courses for $25 per student

  • Michigan Virtual: grades 6-12 content for over 70 courses FREE

Of course, if you still just want to enroll individual students in teacher-led courses (Provider teachers, not your district teachers), all pricing in the catalog as shown on is still valid, with the exception of:

  • Edgenuity: $115 for all add on courses through the rest of the year

**If you are interested in any of the COVID-19 offers listed above please contact Sue Gilliam at or by calling 810-591-4557 and leaving a message.**


Continuation of Services for GenNET Online Learning

We are committed to continue to provide the best customer service we can during this uncertain time. While we are working remotely, we are monitoring voice mail and emails, returning calls, and completing enrollments as requested in the portal. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 810-591-4401 or 1-888-364-5409 or by email at: