4. Retail Store Manager

Role of a Retail Store Manager

What is a Store Manager?

A Retail Store Manager is someone who is responsible for managing the functioning of the store. This includes taking care of everyday operations of the store and ensuring maximum profitability for the store. In addition it is their role to run the store successfully as well as communicating with customers and staff.

A store manager might plan and the daily schedule of employees as well as business, interviews and making sure the store is stocked, clean and in proper working order

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Why do we need a Store Manager?

Every store needs a manager to drive the sales further and to operate the store making sure everything is running smoothly. The store also needs a manager to sent the budget and sales goal.

Occupational Video - Retail Store Manager
High Street Chain
A high street chain is a group of stores working within the same management usually in a shopping village or in a shopping centre.

Independent Boutiques
Are usually individually owned. The responsibilities are taking care of a customers purchase, pricing the stock and merchandising. As well as budgeting and customer care.

Skills needed

-Excellent communication skills

-The ability to manager the other staff

-Experience in managing a retail store

-Someone who can take responsibility

-A person who is committed

-Who can take control of the financial side of things

(budgets, margins and operating the costs)

-The ability to be a model for the company, following

the values effectively

-To manage, coach, support, train and inspire your staff to drive the sales of the store

-Ensure the company’s visual standards for the store are upheld at all times

-Must be available to work in a fast paced

-Someone who can lead example

qualifications needed

To become a Store Manager you need a Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Retail Skills

- Foundation degrees in retailing or retail management

- Degrees in Fashion Retail management

Usually training is provided by your employer, as you move up in your career you can move up to department manager to deputy manager then store manager.

Store Atmosphere

1) Cash handling
A Manager and Sales Assistant would cash up and count the cash flow
2) Visual merchandising
In charge of the store and window displays and store layouts
3) Customer service
Sales Assistant would help with the serving of customers as well as greeting them
4) Loss prevention and security
Security team is in charge of making sure the store is secure and keeping an eye on thefts
5) Refunds and returns
Making sure you tell the customer the rules whether it be on refunds
6)Staff recruitment and training
Manager helps to employ new staff
7) Stock Management
Keeping store stocked with the correct goods