Mather Memo

March Edition

Countdown to the P/SAT: Parent Edition

All 11th graders will be taking the SAT on April 14th (the week we return from Spring Break), and all 9th and 10th graders will be taking the PSAT on April 15th. These exams have important implications for high school graduation, college acceptance, and other awards (such as National Honor Society) and scholarships, so we want all Mather students to be prepared and to do their best. Below, you will find more information about the exams as well as tips to share with your student.

What you need to know about the SAT and the PSAT 9 & 10

All tests will include Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. The SAT also includes an essay.

What to bring on test day:

  1. 2 no. 2 pencils with erasers

  2. An approved calculator

  3. Tissues if needed

  4. A water bottle for breaks (can’t be used during the test)

What NOT to bring for test day:

  1. Phones/smart watches/other electronic devices (not allowed in testing room)

This is REALLY important! If you are seen with these (even during breaks) or they make a noise on test day, your scores are cancelled, and your electronics may be confiscated.

  1. Protractors/compasses/rulers

  2. Highlighters, colored pencils, pens, mechanical pencils

  3. Scratch paper

How to help your student prepare:

  1. Practice! There is free SAT practice on, and your student has signed up for this resource at school. Research shows that students who spend 20 hours practicing on Khan Academy gain an average of 115 points on the SAT! In addition, you can earn a $2,000 scholarship by practicing for 12 hours on Khan and by increasing your score by 100 points!

  2. Don’t stress: the test is made to test skills you have gained through your education, not a bunch of facts you need to memorize.

  3. Get sleep the night/week before the test!

  4. Be here (on time!) We cannot admit tardy students to the exam once it has begun. The SAT is a CPS high school graduation requirement (unless students qualify for the alternative assessment), so it is especially important that your student is here.

  5. Try to answer all questions: the test proctor will tell your student when there are 5 minutes left in each test. There is no penalty for guessing, so it is in your student’s best interest to answer all questions

  6. Do your best: We at Mather truly believe students are more than a test score. This is just one piece of their college applications. Because there are scholarships attached to this test and all U.S. colleges accept the SAT for admission, we just want our students to do their best!

A Note for Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners:

Accommodations, consistent with a student’s IEP/504 plan and/or English language proficiency level, have been submitted to the College Board. Once approved, these students will receive college/scholarship-reportable scores. Please note that if your student is given extra time as an accommodation, they must be given that entire time for which they are approved. They cannot move to the next section or end the assessment when they are finished.

Please go to for more information. This is also where your student’s score report will be located (students have signed up for a College Board account).

Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you have any questions/concerns about testing or the college process.

Dates to remember in March and April for Mather Students!

  • March 10: Winter Sports Banquet, LSC Meeting @ 6:00 pm

  • March 25: PAC Meeting @ 6:00 pm

  • April 2 & 3: Talent Show -4/2 -Evening performance (parents & guests), 4/3 -Day time (students only)

  • April 6 - 10: Spring Break

  • April 14: SAT - No school 9, 10, 12th grades

  • April 15: PSAT 9 & 10

  • April 17: End of Qtr 3

  • April 23: Report Card Pick-up/LSC Elections

  • April 28: SAT/PSAT Make-up Day