Gabriel Torres


airfare cost and schedule

My trip is going form Denver, Colorado to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and for 2 adults it'll cost $27706. be depart at Friday 12:35pm and land at Friday 6:25pm at New Jersey. Then I will take off again Friday 8:10pm. I am going to land at Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday 8:10 am. Finally, the last push will depart at 3:05pm and then arrive at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at 9:05pm. The flight I will be taking is a first class cabin on a wide jet.

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The hotel I will be staying at will be the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana. This hotel has many spectacular view just outside your window. It will cost $1040 per person a day. This hotel has pools, restaurants, spa, fitness centers, and a bar/lounge. The extras included also are air-conditioning, internet, parking space, wifi, storage, and pets could be brought along, too. The room comes with is a queen bed, 70 square meters of living area, and all kinds of electronic devices. On top of that this hotel is right on the side of the beach for lots of relaxation.


Some of the few activities I will do on my trip will be scuba diving, hang gliding, and a day at the mall. Activities are very important for a great action packed vacation that is not just siting around in your hotel room. If you are going to go visit a place you a to do activities to get to know the place.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Violence happens every single day. There more than 11 million residents in the favelas known as slum areas. These slum areas are overrun by heavily armed drug gangs. More than 6,000 people are killed each year. This is definitely not safe in the favelas, but the city is a whole other definition.



By far Brazil might have some problems to fix, but it is still a go to place. This is the type vacation that is to dream for. while Rio de janeiro, Brazil is a huge load of money, it is defiantly a one time in a life event the can and will change the way you see some things. The hotel by it's self is already relaxful and surprisingly awesome. With the rest that I booked such as scuba diving, hang gliding, and a day at the mall. All together this is a great amazing trip that I am most positive that you will enjoy.