youth that commit crimes

Talking about what happens that the youth commit crimes

why do childern and teens commit crimes

peer pressure, and peer involvement, or even family issues or the kids are poor and they kill or steal just to survive.

in the last years of crimes

in the last few years kids over the age of 10 will be trail as adults. 44 percent are diverted from formal processing.

Story's of teen and children crimes

there was one case that a 10-year-old had gun down a teacher in the last day of the school year. Second case in Merseyside there was a 2-year-old boy was abutted and was murder by two boys that was 10-12 years old. And the columbine high school massacre was two teens that came to the school to get revenged for being bullied and killed 12 and injured 21.

Monster quotes

"Truth is truth. it"s what you know to be right".

"when they got you in the system, it ain't time to get all holy. You in the system, you need to get out the system".

"Nah! Truth is something you gave up".