Wheel & Axle

BY : Emmajean


Wheel & axle is one of the six simple machines . A wheel is a circler object that rotates . A wheel or a set of wheels that is connected to a bar called a axle. The axle needs to be connected to the middle . The axle has to be connected to one or more wheels for it to work.


Wheels and axles are used all around you. If you look close you will be able to see them every where. A wheel and axle makes things easier to carry objects over a long distance or to change the speed or direction .

My Questions

while I was doing my project I stared thinking of questions .

1. How big is the biggest wheel and axle?

2. Is a tire a wheel and axle or just a wheel?

3. How were wheels and axles created?


Here are some of my connections.

1.once my door nob to my room broke and i found a wheel and axle.

2. my bike are two wheels and axles.

3. my brothers fan that he uses in the summer is a wheel and axle.

science behind the wheel and axle

A wheel is madew of a circular fram and spokes or a round disk.An axle is a solid and strate object .A wheel ataches to the axle and spins around it also called rotation when the axle moves the wheel moves to.

Interesting info

1. the wheel is one of the six oldest machines in the world it was invented more than 5,ooo years ago.

2.the smallest gear wheel is thiner then a single hair.

My demo

My demo is to see if a wheel and axle can make a fan. what I think will happen is when I spin the the the pansil the rotation will spin the straws . The straws will move the the paper ands make a fan.the materials I used straws my pensil a spool and hot glue and paper.I stood the spool up right and put the pensil in the center and and hot glued it to make it fit tightly. Then i hot glued the straws to the spool and then hot glued paper to it straws . the sicence behind the deminstration is the forse of the person who will rotate's it will the forse spins the axle and moves the wheel and moves the straws and the paper makes the wind.

The Clean -o-Bot

The clean-o-Bot is my complex machine it has a pully and three wheels and axles .All you have to do is type the instructions and the Clean-o-Bot does it . There is a mini camera above the claw so the Clean-o-Bot can see. The claw grabs it and drops it in a big funnel shape and closes the lid to the funnel. There is a very small hole and air flows in . As the air compresses the purple lid flips up and shoots the object in it's rightful spot. The wheel and axles help have it able to reach all the objects in the room or where it is tolled to be. The claen-o-bot is for ages six and up for spelling resones .This machine is very good for busy people. The claen-o-bot can go on any serface from rocks to hardwood .The clean-o-bot would sell for 159.99 American.