Scientific Revolution

Dreeciee' Sirmons

What Was The Change ?

In the beginning of the mid-1500's published works that challenged idea of the church. This change was a new way of thinking. This was the belief that the universe was

"geo-centric "meaning that it was earth centered" to the belief that the universe was

"helio-centric "meaning the sun was in the center". The change was the way that the people of the middle ages viewed the theories. The scientific revolution proved the

geo-centric theory wrong because most scholars believed earth was an immovable object.

Who Were The People Associated ?

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time ?

They thought it was bad because clearly it went against the teachings of the church. If the people of the church believed this then they would be able to question the church. This change impacted the society at the time because it also went against the church's authority.

How Is That Change In Today's Modern Society ?

This is a change in modern society because people were able to know more about Earth. To the fact that Galileo invented the telescope let people find out about the universe their-self. In modern society today they helped us lead to the scientific method. Using this method we gather ideas and test them and make discoveries in chemistry.