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To Know God and to Make Him Known

To Grow in Christ

Do you want your children to grow in Christ? I think we can all agree that we want our kids to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Recently God challenged me to think through what I am asking of Him when I pray that Jonah, Anderson, and Katelyn will grow in Christ. What does "to grow in Christ" really mean? What does it look like? The answer can vary greatly, but what I felt God impress upon me is that I have to recognize that growth is not always easy. In fact it can be downright difficult and painful at times. I want to see the fruit of the growth, but I admit that I struggle in the midst of the growth spurt. Growing in Christ involves having relationship with Him, and we know that relationships can be filled with both challenges and joys. As our kids navigate their relationship with God and who He is to them, we can trust that growth will occur. It may not always look like we think it should, but we can trust our Heavenly Father to work the challenges of growing for the good of our children and for the glory of the Lord.


Invoices were sent out via email over the weekend. Please let me know if there are any errors or if you didn't receive yours.

Payment is due July 20th. Checks can be made payable to "Margaret Benton" and mailed to my home at 5721 Golden Field Lane, Castle Rock, 80104

You can drop off payment at my house until July 11th. I will be away from home on vacation from July 12th - July 24th.


My family and I will be on vacation from July 12th through July 24th. During this time I won't be responding to emails, calls or texts related to CC unless it is an emergency. It is an honor and joy to serve you throughout the year, and I appreciate you allowing me this two weeks of time away from CC related business. :)

Mom's Night Out

Thursday, July 7th, 5pm

3 Wilcox Street

Castle Rock, CO

Join us for Mom's Night at Union Restaurant. Please let Robyn O'Lear or me know if you'd like to attend so we can save you a seat! :)

Free Bible Memory Work

Did you know that CC offers free Bible memory work for each cycle? Click below for your free download. If the link doesn't work you may need to visit the official CC page and log in first.

Playdate at MAC Splashpad

Wednesday, July 13th, 10am-12pm

1375 West Plum Creek Parkway

Castle Rock, CO

Join us for a playdate at the new MAC Splashpad. Crowfoot and Franktown campuses will also be joining us. Kelly Berard, Crowfoot director, is the point of contact for this playdate since I'll be on vacation. Have fun!!