Bangor West November 5, 2021

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Thank you!

West Families,

I received an email this week from our transportation department asking me to reach out to our families to tell them to thank you for being patient and respectful with the buses pulling in and out of our parking lot.

Two weeks ago, we had educators from around the county come to our building to help give insight into how we can help our students learn even better. After talking to staff and students, they were blown away by how great our students are doing and how friendly they were to our guests. One educator, who has been all over the state of Michigan, stated she wishes she would have recorded the math conversations the students were having during math talk time. One stated that the students were so engaged in the reading lesson that they apologized for not being more friendly when the visitor sat by them. We are doing amazing things and it starts at home.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I want to say thank you to all of you for raising such tremendous kids. There are so many spectacular things happening each day at Bangor West and I am thankful to share those experiences with such wonderful families raising extraordinary kids. Be sure to thank them for always doing their best.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, thank you for all you do, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Craig Pfenninger

Principal Bangor West

Parent Teacher Conferences

This Thursday is a half-day due to Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please make sure you schedule a conference with your child's teacher whether you'd like to meet in person or over the phone.

IRIP information

Some families will be receiving information about an IRIP. An IRIP is an individual reading improvement plan. Your child's teacher will review this with you more at parent-teacher conferences and ask for supports at home to help get your child back to where they need to be with reading at their current grade level. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any further questions.

Walk to Win Fundraiser

We will be counting up the money after it is turned in today. Results of our highest earners, gift basket winners, and the winning team (Will Michigan get revenge for last Saturday?) will be announced soon.


If you are looking for ways to volunteer for our school, we could use your help with our school library. If you are willing to volunteer, please call the office.

Students of the Week


Mrs. Eckerd – Jackson Zelno

Mrs. Hayward – Mason Bargouthy

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Paetin Nutt

Mr. Mrozinski – Alyssium Dean

Mrs. Arnold – Mikayla Veitengruber

Miss Herr – Adrian Brault

Mrs. LaBelle – Savannah Maxwell

Mrs. Schomaker – Kenleigh Schmidt

Mrs. Lemuel – Liam Strohkirch

Ms. Nelson – Easton Killey

Ms. Kanicki – Charlie Schanbeck

Mrs. Lewis – Rhiyah Feinauer


Mrs. Eckerd – Sofia Lambert-Sousou

Mrs. Hayward – Paisley Betzold

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Addison McBride

Mr. Mrozinski – Mallory Krol

Mrs. Arnold – Jack Miskelly

Miss Herr – Richard Martinez

Mrs. LaBelle – Sawyer King

Mrs. Schomaker – Avery Riley

Mrs. Lemuel – Isabella Biskner

Ms. Nelson – Abigail Messbarger

Ms. Kanicki – Kira Atha

Mrs. Lewis – Jackson Schneider


Mrs. Eckerd – Carter Yenior

Mrs. Hayward – Arya Osawabine

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Tyler Gordon

Mr. Mrozinski – Jocelyn Kerkau

Mrs. Arnold – Baylie Hunt

Miss Herr – Solomon Murray

Mrs. LaBelle – Mckylah Martinez

Mrs. Schomaker – Evelyn Sequin

Mrs. Lemuel – Caylea Cobb

Ms. Nelson – Stella Remington

Ms. Kanicki – Averi Bucec

Mrs. Lewis – Ashe Madaj

School Orders and Pictures

Pictures arrived at West today. Retakes are next Friday the 12th.

Popcorn Friday's

It's back! Our famous Popcorn Fridays! Every Friday we will be popping popcorn for students to purchase. It is $.50 a box and students can bring in their money on Fridays with no forms or anything else needed.

If you are interested in popping popcorn, please turn in the yellow form given out at open house. You will also find it below (additional sheets available in the lobby) and submit a volunteer application to the office. The volunteer applications can be found online HERE. Thanks!

Label items/clothing

Parents, please remember to label all items especially jackets and coats as they are the items kids leave behind most often.

Upcoming dates

November 11 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 12 - Picture Retake

November 30 - Math Night at West

December 3 - End of trimester 1

December 20 - Holiday break begins

Other Contacts

Bangor West Elementary – 684-3373 Fax 686-8214

Mr. Craig Pfenninger, Principal – ext. 6202

Mrs. Linda Minnis, Secretary – ext. 6201

Mr. Charlie Putnam, Student Service Coordinator – ext. 6235

Mrs. Melissa Srebinski, Behavior Intervention Coordinator – ext. 6231

Transportation – 684-6150

Edison Administration Building – 684-8121