BASE Blast 09.20.20

The weekly update of all things Phoenix


May this Blast find you breathing easier. It is good to see the sky, feel the rain, and breath fresh air. You may be thinking, something's different this week...can't put my finger on it. Yep! I've joined my many colleagues and ported the newsletter to S'more. I'll keep the basic format the same, but you'll have to click a link to actually open the newsletter. Totally worth it, though! By shifting to S'more, BASE families have access to the translation features built in. Also, this format is easier to archive on our website, which we are working to improve. The appropriately bedazzled can read on to learn s'more about:

  • Fees
  • Curbside Event - 9/23
  • AVID - Last Call
  • Counseling Corner
  • Zoom Etiquette

Thanks for you patience and support during lift off. We're still working out a few wrinkles, but all told, our opening week went very well.


I'm not sure quite to how to put this. We need more families to pay the Pathway & AP Supply Fee to help cover the additional expenses of the kits we have sent home in many classes. Please use the link below to pay the materials fee and/or pay for the Damage/Loss Waiver fee for Chromebooks. Thank you!

Curbside Materials Pick Up - Wednesday

We will be hosting a curbside pick up / drop off event this Wednesday, 9/23. Please enter from 185th by Parr Lumber, just like the last two Phoenix Days and follow the signs to the front. Unlike the last Phoenix Day...

  • High school students please arrive between 10:00-12:30pm
  • Middle school families please arrive between 1:00-3:30pm
  • We are not handing out schedules, so students ask for what you need at the windows.

An updated list of classes with materials will be sent out Tuesday afternoon.

If you were looking to be in AVID this year and don't see it on your schedule, please let your counselor or Mrs. Muggli know ASAP!
This week's edition of the Counseling Corner contains:

  • Counselors Office Hours for Students

  • Kick off week for Virtual College Rep Visits at BASE!!
  • Other College and Career Events
  • Schedules
  • Mental Health Matters
Remember that the Zoom rooms are extensions of the classroom. Most Zooms are being recorded and the contents of the Chats are saved. It's everyone's responsibility to maintain a respectful atmosphere in the Zoom session. Background images must be school appropriate - ideally a picture of the student (though a cute pet pic would also be okay!) Keep the following Zoom etiquette in mind at all time while online:

  • Use your preferred and last name in Zoom.

  • Join a few minutes early. Teachers will take attendance based from the names in the Waiting Room.

  • Have materials you need ready for the meeting.

  • Please Mute yourself unless talking.

  • Use the Chat or “Raise Hand” feature in Zoom if you have a question or comment.

  • Be comfortable with small delays.

  • Share your video if you are comfortable and able.

  • Respect others privacy by not taking screenshots of participants or recording this session.

  • Avoid custom backgrounds. Zoom supplied virtual backgrounds are okay.

  • Remember this is a classroom and the same expectations for conduct apply.

  • Participate in Breakout groups, teacher will join in random order.