By: Alicia Livingston

The first thing I think Isabel would carry on vacation

If Isabel went on vacation I think she would take her sister Ruth as her number one priority because Isabel loves Ruth and never wants to be separated from her. One example from the book is on page 20 and occurs when they are being examined by the Locktons'. It says, "I took Ruth by the hand and stepped within reach.'' I think this is a sign of protection and shows she is close with Ruth and that Isabel feels she always needs to be there for her younger sister.

The next two things I believe Isabel would bring

I think Isabel would carry the baby dolls that her mother made for her and Ruth. I think this because on page 63 Mr. Lockton stole the dolls and you could tell Isabel just wanted to comfort Ruth. Also because Isabel's mother is dead that is the only thing they have to remind them of their mom.

The last thing she would carry on vacation might be food for the journey. I can assume this because she is a slave and goes to bed without food most nights. Isabel is very responsible so I think she would take something she would need and not just something she wants. My text evidence of her being responsible happens on page 70 when she thinks to her self. ''Not for love nor money." This is when she is thinking about running away but she knows Madam would beat Ruth and in the end she just wants Ruth to live and be happy.

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These are pictures of how I personally invisioned Isabel to look.

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