The badlands

By, callaway

History of park

The badlands became a national park in 1978. Native Americans used as there hunting grounds until the 19th century when settlers pushed them out.

Park climate

The weather of the parks climate is very extreme. In the winters it can have lows of -40 degrees and in the summer highs of 116 degrees. The prime time to go is in the spring and fall.

Events and activities

The badlands is a great place to go there is lots of things to do there. There is rock climbing hiking, biking and there is a live music performance by Jill Haley

Interesting facts

  • Habitat of the black footed ferret
  • Badlands consist largely of sedimentary rock.
  • The U.S. took part of the park for a for gunnery range

Association with native americans

First were the paleo Indians followed by the arikara. This was a prime spot for them because they could use they could use to look out for enemies and animals for hunting.

In the 19th century settlers came and the U.S. government pushed them out. Now these people are living in southern North Dakota.