4th Grade

Science and Social Studies

Important Dates

February 15th- President's Day- No School!

February 26th- Jump Rope for Heart

Social Studies

What are we learning in social studies?

Essential Questions:
  • What motives did the explorers have in exploring Texas?
  • What effects did the explorers have on Texas?
  • How were the Spanish Missions effective in settling Texas?
  • What would entice people to migrate to an unsettled land?

We will be able to...

  • describe why Europeans explored and colonized Texas.
  • explain the importance of different explorers, such as Cabeza de Vaca, Francisco Coronado, and La Salle, and explain their impact on us.
  • explain the effects the Europeans had after they explored Texas.
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What are we learning in science?

Essential Questions:

  • In what ways does adding and removing heat change matter?
  • How are physical properties used to describe and classify matter?
  • How do different mixtures compare?
  • How are the components of a mixture separated?

We will be able to...

  • describe that matter is something you can touch, see, or feel
  • describe the 3 states of matter
  • show how to change and use matter

Vocabulary Practice

To have your child practice vocabulary used in the classroom:

1. Go to www.quizlet.com

2. In the search bar, type misswood4c

3. Different vocabulary sets that are used in class will come up. The kiddos will know which one we are currently working on.