The Adventures of Command Economy

By; Kristen Farrell; 2nd Block; 5/5/15

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In a Command Economy, The government runs everything. They tell you what to buy and when to buy it. The roles of the citizens/people in this economy is obeying what the government tells you to do. Also,as citizens they need to pay taxes and have welfare. The freedoms of the people in this economy is having full employment with all available resources, and having welfare for all people. Producers and Consumers interact in the same ways because in order to buy something you need the producers to buy them. They mainly interact through supply and demand.

Countries that have a Command Economy:

  • North Korea
  • China
  • Cuba

Command Economy Locations

This economy is located in many different countries in the middle east.

Other Resources;

~Mr. Michealson's Notes

~ Civics Today Book


Command Economy is the best over all the other economies because they are able to have full employment with available resources and welfare for all people. The other economies are too free. They don't have enough ruled parts of their economy. My economy should rule the world because they are a controlled government and everything is planned. We share resources and other things. We have welfare and employment with all available resources