Holocaust Tic-Tac-Toe Project #1

by Kevin Dooley

Daniel and Anne Frank's Similarities

1. Jewish

2. From Germany

3. Kind and Compassionate

Daniel and Anne Frank's Differences

1. Anne has unpredictable changes in her mood

2. Anne is silly, while Daniel is much more serious

3. Anne is childish, while Daniel is more mature

Daniel's Pivotal Action

Daniel tells a photographer that he used to work for the resistance while in Auschwitz out of desperation, and he is recruited along with his dad to help with the resistance movement in Buchenwald. A few days later, Daniel and his dad are given guns and are assigned to go to a gate. They then shoot two guards and escape the camp shortly after. Daniel makes the decision to lie to the photographer out of desperation. Had Daniel not have done that, his father and him could've died from staying at the concentration camp.