Happy Arbor Day!


  • We worked on identifying verbs and adjectives and their antonyms. I explained this concept by using this phrase, "If something is _____ it can't be _____!" Your child also picked a pair of words that are antonyms, drew a picture, and wrote the words to support their illustration.
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Doubled ee Tree

In the Phonics Center this week, your child created a double ee tree! We worked together to identify as many words as we could that made the long /e/ sound and were spelled using two e's. It was so much fun, and their trees looked great!
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We continued our plant mini-unit this week and discussed how our food is grown. Our class collectively named as many fruits and vegetables as we could! Your child shared their opinion of what they liked better - fruits or vegetables, and they gave a reason why to support their opinion. They also choose their favorite fruit or vegetable.
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Arbor Day Celebration

On Friday, CSS celebrated Arbor Day with songs and the planting of a butterfly bush. The children were able to watch the butterfly bush being planted, and some students even were able to add some soil to help keep the plant in place!
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Creative Writing

In our creative writing center, your child was able to create and illustrate their very own tree fort! They had to choose a name, and write about their tree fort. Some of the information students included were:

  • Their fort's secret password
  • Who was allowed in
  • Characteristics of their tree fort
  • What they would do in their fort

This creative writing center has allowed our class to enjoy writing even more! I am amazed at the detail and excitement they share as they present their work to their peers.

*Photos of forts will be in next week's newsletter


This week in Math your child worked on using a number chart in order to do the following:

  • Skip count by tens to 100.
  • Count to the number 100 using tens and ones.
  • Count forward from any number to 100 by ones.
  • Count by tens and ones from any number up to 100.

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten

May 13th - City Day!

  • Dress up like someone from the city!

May 20th - Field Day!
  • Please have your child wear light blue. We are going to be the Wildcats!!

May 26th - Country Day!

  • Cowboy hat, boots, flannel...yeeehaw!

June 3rd - Memory Day!

  • This will be a very special day in our classroom. Please join us in the morning to celebrate a terrific year!! All are welcome. More information to come this May!