Cadet Communicator

Back to School Edition, 2020

Spilling the Tea with Mr. D

Hello Cadets!

I hope all of you had a safe summer and are ready for the start of the new school year.

The first semester of the school year will be remote learning. We have divided the semester into two quarters. Each quarter will be three classes and advisory. During designated class time, it is essential that you attend the Google Meets and complete the assignments that are in your Canvas accounts.

If you are having technology issues, please call 573-2600 or email the student helpdesk for assistance.

Remote learning can be a challenge, but I see this time as an opportunity for us to shine.

Remember, Eisenhower is built on supporting one another. The Eisenhower Staff are here for you and cannot wait to see each of you in our halls again.

We Are IKE!

Mr. Diener

Senior Send-Off!

Senior Send-Off 2020-2021

This is YOUR YEAR!!! I am so lucky to have been part of your last 3 years at Eisenhower, and am so excited to be part of this most important year!

Cadets we need to focus and ensure that you graduate! It may not be the way we wanted to start the year, but it certainly is one to remember.

YOU are our priority! I want you to find a way to feel connected, be challenged by new learning experiences, and know that you have a person you can turn to. I’m here for you and excited to help! What I MOST appreciate about IKE is how even under circumstances we have never experienced, we are still a learning and caring community.

"Normal" is such a simple word and it is our goal at IKE to not only find our new normal, but to use this time as a learning experience that will forever impact the learning environment of IKE. Your resiliency will mold who you are as a person. Our fall may not be “normal,” but our learning will only continue to help us thrive.

Remember you are always a CADET, so show your I.K.E. in everything that you do!

Mrs. Armijo

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Junior Junction

Just yesterday you were a freshman excited about high school and look at you now, about to be a junior. You are in a unique position. You were able to attend Eisenhower in person for 1.75 years, so you know the ropes. You are a CADET through and through. You know how much your teachers care. You are full of PRIDE for your your school and community. Hold onto that! Remember what you’ve experienced as you look forward to the future. With a little bit of luck, this online, at-home schooling will be short-term. In the meantime, here are 3 strategies to help make your year a success. Hint: It all begins with a GROWTH mindset!

Tip #1: Stay Focused and Make Goals

· Write on sticky notes what you hope to accomplish and stick them everywhere.

· Set daily goals. For example, make a goal to speak with your teachers on how to improve your grades.

Tip #2: Get Organized!

· If you don't have one already, get a good planner. You can use planners to track your class meetings, homework, dues dates, events, favorite administrators’ birthdays…

· Junior year is not a time to have clutter! Find a nice comfortable place to sit, someplace quiet where you can be get your work done. Tidy up the piles of paper! Make a “trash” pile and a “keep” pile, and divide the loose papers into those two categories. Maybe even get a notebook and divide it into sections or a file folders for each class. Find a system that works for you and stick to it.

Tip #3: Get Healthy

You must pay attention to your body's physical and emotional needs. Stress is real, and the load you carry from school and activities can take its toll on you.

· Exercise, eat healthy, and talk to someone if you are not feeling as happy as you believe you should. The Ike staff is still available to you, even from home! Email us, call us, tune into your teachers’ office hours. Reach out. We’re right here.

· Devote part of your days or hours to relaxing, and no, sleep does not count. Running, cleaning, and doing any of your hobbies are good ways to relax.

Mr. Stephens

The Sophomore Script

Hello Sophomores!

Earlier this month I mailed you each a letter. Please take the time to read it and reach out to me by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. If you failed a class 1st semester of your Freshman year, and would like to be enrolled in CAP to make up the credit, please email me. Finally, be checking your ysd email daily for updates and information from your teachers. They will be sending you Google Meets invites, which you are required to attend :).

Please stay safe and I will see you all before we know it!

Mrs. Ceja

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Freshmen Flip-side

Greetings, Freshmen!

This is Ms. Bourgeois with a friendly Freshman update on the Flip-side.

Contrary to popular belief, your Freshmen year is probably the most important year of high school. Start strong, everybody...research shows that Freshmen who end their year "on track" are 80% more likely to graduate high school. THAT is the focus! Have your beyond high school plans, keep nurturing your incredible dreams for your futures, but graduating is the first step to achieving your post-high school goals. I'm committed to helping you all get there!

Currently, we have 100% of our students on track for graduation, and there are 1,277 days (716 school days) until you graduate from high school! I know this seems far away, but on graduation day, you will wonder how the time passed so quickly!

This month (having a grand total of four school days) saw zero discipline referrals. You are amazing humans, keep it up!

Well Freshmen...that's all for now! Catch ya' later, on the Flip-side!

Ms. Bourgeois

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Dates to Know in September

7th - Labor Day

11th - Patriot Day