Where Education is'nt Boring it's fun


Dear Roadrunner Tank

Hi i’m Jakobi Pope i’m Fatwa Said and i’m KayEllen Leeper. We want to Know if your kids have ever got tired of boring old flashcards and worksheets? Well we can turn that frown upside down.With E.D.U.Games the educational app that lets kids learn while having fun.

We’ll Tell You A Little Bit About us

We are an app that needs you, the Roadrunner Tank, to invest in us, E.D.U.Games. We can change the educational world with your investment in us

Our Product

We want to sell this product to moms,dads,kids, and teens we want them to buy our good. They will buy are product because some kids and parents get bored of doing flashcards and worksheets and they want to add a little bit of fun into it while the’re still learning

Thats why You the Roadrunner Tank have to invest in this app E.D.U.Games.

We are Edu games