1st Grade News

Ms. Miszewski, Mrs. LaValle, & Mrs. Maniscalco

This Week in 1st Grade

We can't believe we are already about to wrap up our first full week of school! The students are becoming comfortable with our everyday schedules and routines. We have been focusing on building our classroom communities and learning more about each other. We have also been reviewing our "BE Statements" and forming our classroom "Essential Agreements". We brainstormed ideas about what would make our classrooms a safe, respectful, responsible, and kind learning environment. We signed our "Essential Agreements Contract" as a promise and reminder to adhere to our classroom guidelines. We already have embarked on a great start to the year!

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week we continued to focus on our theme of "Community". We thought about how we were members of our 1st Grade Community, and how we impacted our community in a positive way. Take a peek down our hallway to see our thinking! We also read a story called: Emily Brown. We learned about different vocabulary words like "Posh" and "Cross". We also compared the main characters by making a venn-diagram. It has been wonderful being part of such rich book discussions this close to the beginning of the year!

*Our classroom reading goal this week is all about focusing on our reading stamina. By the end of the week we hope to be able to read with no distractions for 8 minutes!

Writer's Workshop

This week during Writer's Workshop we discussed the importance of pre-writing and planning out our pieces ahead of time. We brainstormed ideas about an important "Small Moment" in our lives that we would be interested in writing about. We will continue working on this pieces through the writing process, the editing process, and the publishing process. We are really becoming alive as writers!

Math Workshop

The beginning of 1st Grade Math is all about building a strong number sense. This includes counting from 0-120 starting from any number, writing and reading numbers to 120, and comparing numbers up to 120. We recommend practicing counting at home! Remember not to say the "Icky And" when counting above 100! For example, 120 should be read as "One hundred twenty" instead of "One hundred AND twenty". We have filled out 120 charts, played counting games with a partner, and really began to think of ourselves about mathematicians!

*Our classroom Math goal this week is to be able to count from 0-120.

Science/Social Studies

This week we have begun learning about Australia! We traveled to different 1st grade classrooms to learn about animals in Australia, the geography of Australia, and the Australian flag. Come check out our hallway to see how we compared the Australian Flag to our own USA flag! By the end of 1st grade, we will really be able to be global learners and be able to share information about a place in the world that is different from ours!

Library Times

Mrs. LaValle & Ms. Miszewski's Class = Thursdays

Mrs. Maniscalco's Class = Tuesdays

Number of Students

Mrs. LaValle & Ms. Miszewski's Class = 51 Students

Mrs. Maniscalco's Class = 27 Students

Fox River Field Trip

Thank you to those of you who have returned our blue field trip form! We will be sending out volunteer information in this week's Friday Folders if you have offered to volunteer on our trip.

Ms. Miszewski's Class - 9/28 9:00-11:30

Mrs. LaValle's Class - 9/28 12:30-3:00

Mrs. Maniscalco's Class - 9/29 9:00-11:30

Odds & Ends

*Hopefully you have all been able to access our 2 Shutterfly Websites. If you have not received an invitation to join, please let us know!

*We are looking for volunteers to help stuff our Friday Folders every Friday morning. Please sign up on our Shutterfly Websites if interested!

*We will also be putting up a sign-up for Reading Volunteers. This would involve coming into our classrooms during Reader's Workshop from 10:00-11:00 to read with individual or small groups of students.

*We will be beginning our Book-In-A-Bag program soon! If you are interested in filling our Book-in-a-Bags twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays) please let one of us know! We truly appreciate the consideration!

*Mrs. Maniscalco's Shutterfly Website: https://mrsmaniscalcosfirstgradeclass.shutterfly.com/

*Mrs. LaValle & Ms. Miszewski's Website: https://mrslavallemrsmaniscalcosclass.shutterfly.com/

Thank you all for fostering a positive home-school connection! Have a wonderful weekend :) - Ms. Miszewski, Mrs. LaValle, & Mrs. Maniscalco