MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of December 7, 2015


"I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love."

-Charlie Brown

Important Dates

December 9 - Poinsettia delivery

December 14 - Holiday party cafeteria order due

December 16 - Winter concert 7pm @ SHS

December 18 - Ugly Sweater/Shirt Day


Your budget materials will be shared with you very soon.

If you have student of the month recommendations please send them to me ASAP.

Make ugly sweater day a jeans day too! There is no collection this month. During this time of year we are all giving in many directions including Toys for Tots and the youth group collection.

Holiday parties are December 23rd if you are ordering from the cafeteria. All orders are due by December 14th for ordering purposes with Salem. If you want to do cookies and hot chocolate please let Alecia know. If we have enough interest in the cookies we can order the "Good" cookies. Alecia can do sugar cookies and roll them in cinnamon and sugar if you prefer.

If you receive any medical information (emails, papers, or through discussion) from a parent please be sure to pass that information on to Mrs. Moore.

Please use the Parent Letters that are part of Go Math. We want to give the parents everything we can to help them support their children.

Every teacher has the ability to check out/check in library books. The library is struggling. If you did not know you could check them in and out Katelyn is willing to show you. If you could do this for now to help, we will see about some 8th grade students helping to re-shelve the books. Thank you!