Panther Press

for the Week of Nov 19 Plus

Reminders from the Principal

We are set for a well earned week off from school. There have been a lot of changes and requirements added this year by the district to this point and to be honest, we are not done yet. As a whole, you have done a wonderful job in striving to meet these requirements and enhanced expectations and that is greatly appreciated. In many aspects, we as a school have progressed (and continue to progress) beyond many other schools in the district in meeting these expectations. It has not gone unnoticed in this building and within the district. The administrative staff would like to thank all of you for all that you do for our students, school and community and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Break.

Go Panthers!

Grading and Assessments

There seems to be some confusion about the requirements for entering grades into Chalkable and the number of assessments required each nine weeks.

Below is from the clarification sent to all faculty members on Aug 22 after clarification from the district:

All teachers will be required to administer a minimum of 4 assessments every nine weeks. A minimum of 2 assessments before the progress report and a minimum of 2 assessments after the progress report but before the end of the nine weeks. Included in these assessments are the required unit assessments.

Remember that all assignments must be standards based to justify inclusion in the grade book.

When submitting Unit Assessments, make sure the standard that is being assessed is clearly denoted on the assessment.

Unit assessments are the only assessments teachers are required to conduct RTI for the majority of our students who fail the assessment (s). Ex Ed and 504 Students may have additional stipulations in their individual plans and the plans must be followed.

Grade Entry in Chalkable

Grades must be updated every week. A minimum of one grade a week is required by the district. There is no requirement for one assessment and one classwork/homework grade to be entered each week. If you have read the lesson plan template, one assignment per week is supposed to be designated in your lesson plans to be included in your gradebook. As we progress through the year, this will be something we begin looking for when we compare lesson plans to gradebooks.

Important Reminders for the Week of Nov 19 Plus

Nov 16 - Lesson Plans due by 3 PM in the Google Classroom (covering Nov 26 - Dec 7)

Nov 19-23 - Thanksgiving Holidays - School Closed

Nov 26 - Goal setting sheets with advisement students due completed

Nov 26 - Timecards approved by 3 PM

Nov 26 - HMS Basketball @ McAdory

Nov 27 - FACULTY MEETINGS in the Conference Room

Nov 27 - Debate Competition at Samford

Nov 27 - HMS Basketball vs PG @ HMS

Nov 29 - MEDC in the Conference Room

Nov 29 - HMS Basketball vs Bessemer City @ HMS

Nov 30 - Grades due by 3 PM

Dec 3 - Mid-Year Scantron Testing begins - schedule to come

Dec 4 - NO Faculty Meetings due to Dec 5 Training

Dec 5 - Edgenuity Training in Conference Room

Dec 6 - Plus Day for Science and English

Dec 11 - No Faculty Meetings

Dec 13 - 1st Semester Diagnostics begin - schedule to come

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