PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

By Rebecca 7SC

Performance Enhancing Drugs- a drug,chemical , or substance that strengthen or boost an athletes ability.

Alain Baxter

Alain Baxter is a solum,alpine skier from Scottland who represented the United Kingdom in the 2002 Olympic Games. Baxter made British history for becoming the first skier from the United Kingdom to place on the podeum in alpine skiing. Despite it only being a bronze, the U.K had never earned a medal in the sport. After his win, Baxter went back home to celebrations congratulating his success. In Scotland Baxter was then notified that he had failed one of the drug test having a small amount of methamphetamine found. The IOC then disqualifyed him and asked he return his bronse medal.

Baxter stated he used a Vicks inhaler in the U.S. and was unaware the ones from the U.S. were made with different ingredients. The IOC accepted the explanation and he was only given him a 3 month ban. Since the incident Alain Baxter has returned to the sport, and hasn't yet broken his Salt Lake City record.Though his bronze medal was eventually returned to him by Raich the 4th place winner.

Types of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

Using anabolic-androgenic steroids relates to athletes wanting to boost their strength and muscle mass. Theese steroids promote the production of the hormone testosterone inside the body, which helps with enhancing the athletes performance. Methyltestosterone, Oxandrolone and Oxymetholone are common types of anabolic-androgenic steroids that are taken as injections, pills or topical creams.

Designer Steroids

Designer steroids are a class of Anabolic-androgenic steroids that are very dangerous. Designer steroids are manufactured purposely for being undetectable if the athlete has to undergo drug tests. Tetrahydrogestrinone, Desoxymethyltestosterone, and Norbolethone are three types of this type of steroid.


Diuretic drugs allow the body to manipulate the amount of fluid the body naturally needs. Dehydration is one common symptom the occurs due to using diuretics. Athletes then can drop weight through loosing body fluid (water), then are able to compete in a higher level at a lower weight class. Acetazolamide, Spironolactone and Furosemide are three common diuretics.

Natural Steroids

One example of a natural hormone pill\supplement, known as natural steroids is DHEA. DHEA is a hormone made form the adrenal gland in the human body. Natural steroids like this are different from the designer type based on the fact that they aren't chemically altered inside a laboratory. Androstenedione is also another natural steroid for rising an athlete's strength.

Heres the Math!!

This graph shows that when taking steroids it affects your emotions and that's a really bad combination because it would be an aggressive very muscular animal or person! Anabolic steroids affect not only that but can give you cancer lots of diseases! For examples look at the graph above.

PEDS through the ages.

Steroids even back then....

  • Although Typhoid fever was the official cause of death Welsh cyclist Arthur Linton is said to be the first person do die from using a PED. He died after taking the stimulant trimathyl during the 1886 Bordeaux to Paris race.
  • The father of steroid research is seen to be Charles Edouard Brown-Sequard. In 1889, the 72-year-old French physician made public saying he had injected himself with testicular fluid within dogs in the attempt to fend off effects of age on himself. His work latter on helped the development of anabolic steroids.
  • German scientist Adolf Butenandt developed anabolic steroids in 1935, to make the german soldiers stronger in the 2nd world war.
  • United States and the Soviet Union began using performance enhancing drugs in the 1950's in weightlifting. In 1954, U.S. team doctors reported some conversations between doctors form the USSR team revealing testosterone use for enhancing performance. Four weightlifting medalists at the 1983 PanAm Games tested positive for steroids and got their medals stripped. After that 13 members of the U.S. team withdrew from the games.
  • Ever since performance Enhancing Drugs have been popping up ever now and then 1988 with Ben Johnson,Lyle Alzado in 1992,Michelle Smith in 1996 are just a few among the all of the PED scandals in sports.

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