Press Fit 3D Print

Made With Autodesk Inventor + Laser Cut Cardboard

Who Would This Appeal To?

I believe that the appeal in my product can be found in the artistry. It is based on the neo-classical style (note the use of the column). While not necessarily practical for hiding water or other liquids, it could serve as a decoration piece. I think that the consumer who appreciates ornate decor would be intrigued by this piece.

Obstacles Faced

I faced some difficulty in finding enough time to use the laser engraver. Most of the time it was in use. I managed to find time outside of school to finish my product. I also made my object quite large, and as such had a lot of pieces, approximately 90 in total. This is quite a lot when compared to other products. I also had to do a lot of gluing.

What I Learned

I learned how to use different programs in tandem in order to achieve a final goal. I had to render the object in Inventor, export it to 123D Make, export the plans to Illustrator, and use UCP to work with the laser printer in order to cut the pieces. I also was forced to use Elmer's glue for the first time since grade school, and I still failed to not get adhesive all over my hands. I also learned how to use Autodesk Inventor to render objects, and how to create an object from scratch.