Predator Drone AI

By : Hamza

What is a Predator Drone AI

A Predator Drone AI is the brain of an unmanned aircraft also known as a UAV .What the Predator drone does is that there is no one inside and the aircraft cannot be seen by radar.It can hold 4 missiles and 2 bombs.The cockpit of the predator drone is shaped like an egg.
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Air Force Shows Off the Reaper Unmanned Plane

When, and by whom the device was invented?

The astonishing Predator Drone AI is used by The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon.The Predator Drone AI was made in 1995.This aircraft was made by General atomic s.

How does it work?

Right under the cockpit there is a camera that is used to see the enemy or target, right beside the camera there is a thermal scope to see someone if the environment is misty or dusty and there is a concave mirror right beside both thermal scope and camera to reflect the light back if it is sunny so the light does not hit the camera lens.

What advantage's / disadvantage's it has over other / previous related technologies

  • The advantage's for the Predator Drone AI are:
  • No one sits inside
  • Remote controlled
  • Has a thermal camera
  • The disadvantages of this technologies are:
  • The brain can sometimes malfunction
  • When a person sits inside the view is more accurate
  • The sensor can not sometimes reacts to a target rapidly
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