Save Brushy Creek!

Will the Transmission Towers Take Over Our Trail?!

A Shocking Problem

As more people move into Leander and Round Rock they need more power. They want to build transmission towers in Brushy Creek. They want to take out 2.5 miles of land on our beautiful trail. HOW CAN WE SAVE OUR TRAIL?!

Dimensions of the Transmission Towers

The height of one of these are 80-140 ft. Let's say one is 140 feet. How many grown men would equal one transmission (Let's assume the height of one grown man is 6 ft)? The equation for this is 6x=140. We can't have a fraction of a man so if I round it would be about 23 men. That's big.

How Many Towers?

The towers must be 1,300 ft apart from each other and they want to take out 2.5 miles out of Brushy Creek (Which I strongly oppose :D) 2.5 miles is equivalent to 13,200 feet. 13,200 divided by 1,300 equals x. (x= number of towers in Brushy Creek). So there would be 10 towers in Brushy Creek. >O< . This number to the amount of men that makes one transmission tower is 10:23.

Loss of Veggies

2.5 miles will be taken out of Brushy Creek Trail and we will also not only lose our beautiful trail, but also some vegetation. But how much? If x is the amount of vegetation destroyed then 13,200⋅(10⋅100)=x. x=13,200,000. WE WILL LOSE 13,200,000 SQ. FT. OF VEGGIES!!!

Distance of Destroyed Length.

One white board is 1ft and 3 3/4 in. The length of destroyed area is 13,200ft. So to find the number of white boards that equal the length of destroyed length of the trail we need to use this equation: 158,400/(63/4)=x. x is the number of white boards. The number of white boards about 10,057. THAT'S A LOT OF WHITE BOARDS. ITS OVER 9,000!!!!

Trail Distance

The Brushy Creek trail is 15 miles long. Let's compare this to a door. A door is about 7 feet and lets see how many doors equal the trail. 15 miles are 79,200 feet. 79,200/7=x. x equals the number of doors. The number of doors are about 11,314.

Save the Trail!

The Brushy Creek trail is very important to some people. We can enjoy many things on the trail. But when they build transmission lines it wont look that great. SAVE THE TRAIL!!!!