News from Pier 25

December 4, 2015

Dear Parents,

Progress reports will be available on ParentVue starting December 11. Progress reports will not be printed and sent home, they will only be accessible online. If you have trouble accessing your child’s report card, please call the help desk line at 815-788-5080 or email

All of the schools in District 47 have the same guidelines for determining if recess will be indoors or outdoors. If the temperature is 15 degrees or above, students are expected to go outside for the entire recess. If the temperature is 0 - 14 degrees, students go outside for 20 minutes. If the temperature is below 0 degrees, students have indoor recess. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the winter weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S - I’m so proud of our team for their hard work on MAP tests this week! We had a little tech glitch today so many of them will be finishing the reading test next week. I’ll be conferencing with the students to analyze their winter scores and reflect upon the goals they set in the fall.

Shared Reading

This week in shared reading students read another historical fiction text, Tucket’s Travels. Set in the mid 1800’s, a fifteen year old boy and two younger children travel through the American plains and are in danger. Students learned what it means to have good instincts as we analyzed the actions our characters took to change their fate. We worked on sequencing main events in the story to help us understand how the scenes fit together to provide the overall text structure.


Old Friends: Our old friends completed unit 4 this week. I have been so impressed by the students’ effort in improving their multiplication and division facts. I can definitely tell that many friends have been practicing! Keep up the great work. When able to recall facts quickly and accurately students are much more successful in tackling more complex problems. Next week we will dive into unit 5 which focuses on fractions, decimals, and percents.

New Friends: It is crucial that new friends know their multiplication facts to be successful. This week we used multiplication to solve multiple step problems. First, students made magnitude (rough) estimates to judge whether a product is in the tens, hundreds, thousands or more. Then, we used the traditional method to solve for the exact answer. Next week we will identify digits and their values in whole numbers to the hundred billions. We will also use exponential and expanded notations to represent powers of 10.


This week our UMAC writers focused on the trait, ideas. We discussed the importance of having a strong idea to ensure that the overall message is clear to readers. Students brainstormed a list of ideas that they know and care about to be possible topics for writing assignments. We had a blast analyzing, debating, and scoring sample papers.

Social Studies

Chapter 6 of our History Alive curriculum teaches us about the three earliest English settlements: Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth. Students are learning why these English settlers came to America and the many challenges they faced while starting these early settlements. Ask your student whey Roanoke is considered the “lost colony”!

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 7: Fifth grade winter band concert 7pm

Thursday, December 10: PTO board meeting 7pm (learning center)

Friday, December 11: Trimester 1 progress reports available in ParentVUE

Friday, December 18: Holiday celebration 2:30 - 3:15

Holiday Celebration

Our year holiday celebration will be on Friday, Decemeber 18th. Our party volunteers are amazing and I am so very thankful for all the generosity in donating and organizing activities for this fun event! If you signed up at Academic Night in the fall to donate food/beverages/paper goods for this party you will be contacted by Mrs. Washington, our room mom. Also, if you would be willing to help purchase prizes, materials for games, or crafts please let me know. Thank you! Your support and generosity is GREATLY appreciated!