It's a Mindset

With a Growth Mindset, anything is possible!

When a person has a Growth Mindset, he or she tends to:
  • Embrace challenges
  • Be persistent (doesn't give up easily)
  • Puts forth extra effort
  • Accepts critical feedback
  • Inspired by and learns from the success of others

Our FMS JUNA group, sponsored by Ms. Dennison, demonstrate many of the characteristics of having a growth mindset.

FMS 7th & 8th Graders Who Made Greatest Gains

The students pictured below made the greatest gains in 7th grade during the winter Performance Series testing compared to their fall scores in math or reading. It takes a growth mindset to believe you can push yourself further than you originally thought possible.
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Do You Believe in You?

football motivation video

"Elevator Speech" by FMS Ambassador Lillian Jamison

We not me
Famous Failures
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Growth Mindset for Math - Assessments 3
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