I'm a polar bear By: Rilee Thomas

Rilee Thomas

i'm a polar bear

I eat live prey, and live in the North Pole. I love to eat seals. After I eat the seals, the ice is red! I’m white but my nose is black.To hide i put my paws over my nose. My mom still cares for me, I’m still 1. In a few more years I'll be on my own. I love swimming, and I can hold my breath up to 3 to 4 hours. At birth I’m 12-14 inches long ,and 1 pound. I live along the shores and on sea ice in the cold arctic. My favorite thing to eat is elephant seals!I love to play in the snow it's my favorite thing to do. I love living in a cave, they’re warm. I lick my mom, but it is actually a kiss. I love my mom so much! I love to play in the snow. I love to hide from my mom. I also love to eat fish. It so good I want to eat it all day. I’m going to be extinct people are killing me i'm scared. the end

Rilee Kay Thomas