Training Teachers on Technology

Increasing Teacher Confidence

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Moderator: Lynn Scott

Presenter: Paul Sanfranceso

Issue: Sometimes students know more about technology than teachers and administrators.

Top 3 Things That Would Improve Technology Use in Schools

  1. Training on how to integrate technology into learning.
  2. Training on how to use current technology.
  3. Internet access should be wireless and available for students to use anywhere on campus.

Top 3 Things That Would Have the Greatest Positive Impact on Learning

  1. Personal laptops
  2. Access to online databases
  3. Digital Equipment for creating multimedia projects.


This webinar presentation was very insightful on the need for technology in education and training teachers to provide this need. Parents were very instrumental in voicing what they felt was needed and wanted in their school systems. The discussion of teachers attending a voluntary, one week long seminar on teaching technology to include instruction on different technologies and communication between coaches and teachers from other specialties.

The seminar would allow for teachers jump ahead if they are ready and others be paced as they become comfortable. SMART Boards, LCD Projectors, Distance Learning Apps and Google Drive would be some of the technology that will be taught.


Training Teachers on New Technology

In this video, Paul Sanfranceso talks about strategies for training teachers on the use of new technology. It was interesting to me that he said it was hard to "teach teachers" because they each have an individual way of wanting to teach. Finding balance between these teachers was optimal in showing each one how they could use the same technology in different ways in their classroom.
Paul Sanfrancesco: Training Teachers on the Use of New Technology
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This article explains how to help teachers embrace new technology tools and integrate them into their daily lessons. It highlights five strategies that schools could use to promote their own smart classroom development programs.

  1. Develop a multifaceted training model for teachers.
  2. Make the technology an incentive.
  3. Take teachers out of their comfort zone.
  4. Don't try to force technology.
  5. Let teachers decide if they want the technology or not.

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This article is a compiled list of popular tech tools that should be a part of any teacher's tech tool library whether for their own personal use of as educational aids in the classroom. Sometimes, teachers are not sure what tools are available and this list is broken into categories for easier access and learning.