Are Asian men being unattractive

Are Asian men being unattractive due to the media or racism?

Are Asian men being unattractive due to the media or racism?

Asian men have ranked the lowest and least desirable in online dating if I were to reference the data from response rates from women.

When you grow up not seeing Asian men portrayed in any romantic or revered capacity, it is difficult to envision yourself being attractive to women, especially non Asian women. You come to dwell on how being Asian is a disadvantage since a significant portion of women will automatically disqualify you based on ethnicity. I understand that media plays a role in this equation and have seen it changing slowly in Hollywood, but will it rectify the harm it has done for decades?

I have personally witnessed many who would literally spit in your face with the 'no Asian' sign regardless in bars/pub or the online dating circle. I once overheard my white female colleagues talking about how they would never date an Asian. So redditors, Are Asian men attractive? Gay or straight, please enlighten me/us. I understand that I will get opinion from those who differ.

Yes!! Asian men are attractive! I’m not going to say that EVERY Asian man is super sexy (feels like fetishizing?), but it’s the same as any other background, you have some 2s, you have some 10s. You’re not wrong in your analysis about media portrayal & I’ve sadly heard those stereotypes before too, but I feel like most (decent) men/women can see through poor representation in media and decide if they’re attracted to you based on your connection / their preferences.

Btw the people who blatantly say they’d “never date an Asian” are dickheads, and probably racist?

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