Hugo Chavez

Marxist Venezuelan politician and Venezuelan President


Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was born on July 28, 1954 to a poor family in the town of Sabaneta in the province of Barinas. His father was a schoolteacher and opportunities for young Hugo were limited: he joined the military at the age of seventeen. He graduated from the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences when he was 21 and was commissioned as an officer. He attended college while in the military but did not get a degree. After his studies, he was assigned to a counter-insurgency unit, the start of a long and noteworthy military career. He also served as head of a paratrooper unit.

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Hugo Chavez Mini Bio:

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Chávez was known for being outspoken and dogmatic throughout his presidency, refusing to hold back any of his opinions or criticisms. He insulted oil executives, church officials and other world leaders, and was particularly hostile with the United States government, which, he believed, was responsible for the failed 2002 coup against him. Chávez also objected to the war in Iraq, stating his belief that the United States had abused its powers by initiating the military effort. He also called President George W. Bush an evil imperialist.

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To Mr. President George W Bush,

Our president Hugo Chavez has caused relations between The United States and Venezuela to be strained for some time now. I would like to say that i think it is foolish of him to throw away such a valuable ally. Please note that his actions reflect his own thinking, not the entire country. HIs doing oil business with Cuba, long time adversary of the US, has nothing to do with us. He has threatened to cut off the oil supply to USA if another attempt to get him out of power occurs, and he blames the attempted coup on you. His aiding of the Guerilla forces in neigh boring countries is the most blasphemous though. We do not support him and we wish for you to intervene.

Thank you,

A concerned Venezuelan

Essential Question:

How did Hugo Chavez's outspoken distaste for the United States make him a different kind of enemy in the eyes of George W Bush?