Why we should be captain of C.H.P.S

by Ryan Le & Tommy Nguyen

about us

We are funny and encouraging. WE know how to make decisions. We are hilarious and will help you out whnever your in need. We are responsible too!!!

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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

By John C.Maxwell

We do exactly this!!!

Vote for us!!!

Vote vote vote for us!!!

Why we want to be school captains

We want to be school captains because we want to make everybody get along and make canley heights public school one big family

Our information

We're in 5FB. Tommy is 11 and Ryan is 10. We are responsible although we're VERY talkative. We are very bubbly and fun. We guarantee that you will always be happy around us.

Canley Heights public school

WE are family!!! WE are always happy to help