1935 January 13


Tom Robinson, a black man, has been convicted for raping a young innocent white girl. Understandably, Maycomb residents recognize they are in great danger, and as such the sheriff has insisted on imprisoning Robinson until his upcoming trial in August. The young innocent white girl’s life will never be the same again and has been destroyed due to the rape. In addition, the girl cannot leave the house due to her distress. The town responded to the incident with rage and a mob of people is ready to confront Tom Robinson at his cell. There is no possibility of Tom Robinson being guiltless.


On the early winter morning of January 10th, a fire broke out at Miss Maudie’s house. Luckily, the fire did not spread to the other houses, and no one got injured except for Mr. Avery, who was saving items from the upstairs when the stairs burned out. Miss Maudie’s neighbors helped move her furniture and some valuables out of her house before the fire burned it down A fire truck arrived at Miss Maudie’s house but unfortunately the hose burst due to the coldness of the weather. The fire was caused by Miss Maudie starting a fire in her kitchen to warm up her house and keep her plants warm. Miss Maudie is not extremely upset about this incident due to the fact that she was already planning to build a smaller house with a bigger garden.

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Roosevelt's New Program of Reform

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as president in 1932 and made an improvement with the employment in Maycomb. Nowadays, there is a recovery from The Great Depression but the bankers are disappointed with Roosevelt’s New Deal Program. The bankers fear Roosevelt’s experimental law, because he has allowed deficits in the budget, and dislike the concessions to labor. Roosevelt has addressed this disappointment with a new program of reform called Social Security. This has begun an enormous work relief program for the unemployed in Maycomb. The residents are finding some relief from poverty and unemployment in Maycomb using this program
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Jitney Jungle Advertisement

Jitney Jungle is a convenience store in Maycomb at the southwest side of the square. The services and prices are great. The residents of Maycomb are buying items for a better value and at Jitney, the employees are selling Food Club sugar for 45 cents. Some of the satisfied customers say that the service is getting better every time, and Jitney is a better place to shop.

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