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The Southern Pacific railroad has linked los angeles directly with the eastern United States for the FIRST TIME EVER IN CALIFORNIA HISTORY!


Letters to the Editor

Dear Waaake Up LA,

I read your newsletter to my husband and we were particularly interested in the first automobile to take the streets of Los Angeles. Wow! Times are changing. We would both love to hear more about the event if your newsletter could expand on that in the next issue. We both know of the man who drove the car, he goes to our church. It’s crazy to think the same man we sit next to in church drove the first car to take the streets of our great town.


Rebecca and John

Dear Wake up, La,

My names Georgia Marshall. I live on the outskirts of Los Angeles , with my husband and three kids; Tommy, Mary, & Timmy. We decided to leave everything back in our hometown in Oklahoma, we weren’t sure what we would find, but i’m sure glad we moved here three years ago. Anyways my sister Margaret lives over in Oklahoma City, and she’s been writing me all about what’s been happening with all those native americans. She had some neighbors who were native americans and the other night the U.S soldiers came in and raided their tribes homes. They were rambling about some attack on some settlers about 200 miles west, and my sister knew these people, and there’s no way they could’ve done that. The soldiers didn’t care about whether they truly did it or not, they just wanted to blame them, because they’re the only tribe that hadn’t been taken to the reservation yet. Truth is there’s been a lot of outlaws coming and going. That’s one of the reasons we decided to move. So my question is, why are these people being blamed for all the bad things that have been happening? Are the soldiers just looking for a reason to move them onto the reservations?

Yours truly,

Georgia Marshall

Assimilation of Native Americans

The assimilation of Native Americans begun in the 1800s. Americans believed that it was necessary for Native Americans to abandon their traditions, and adapt to the American culture, which includes learning English, adopting American culture and values, and eventually becoming American citizens. In 1902, 25 schools had been set up. Parents were pressured to send their kids to school. The kids were required to speak English, choose an English name, dress in American-style clothes, cut their hair to match American styles, attend church, and learn new vocabulary skills. Americans also tried to encourage Native Americans to banish their reservation system and become private landowners. In 1887 congress passed the Dawes Act, which changed the reservation system by dividing reservation land into land for farming or ranching. Plots of land got assigned to families or individuals. The leftover land got sold to the Americans. Native Americans would be granted citizenship if they kept there land for 25 years, which few stayed long enough. Eventually in 1924 congress passed the Citizenship Act, which granted all Native Americans citizenship.

Farmer Issues

“ The Farmers Plight”

What use to be a booming and popular industry among the US people has now dropped to only about a third of Americans working in agriculture. Because of the rising costs, high interest rates and falling prices many farmers struggle to survive and make a living. Farmers feel as though the government is against them and only supports the new industries based on the gold standard that only supports bankers and creditors. Farmers formed an alliance to fight banks, big corporations and railroads. They called themselves the Grangers. They tried to increase prices and lower costs, however they didn’t make any changes. Over these past years the populist party has continued to grow but still hasn't made the changes they hoped to make. They created the People’s Party to adopt new ideas to help the populists. Just recently at the Election of 1896, the populists were in support of William Jennings Bryan but were defeated by Mckinley. The People’s Party has been slowly declining but the populists ideas have not been forgotten.