Volume 7, Issue 6-----September 2, 2021

MyView: Week One Observation Notes

We are off to a fantastic start with MyView! Teachers have planned for instruction and are really working hard to get all of the elements into the ELA block. Students are interested in the topics at hand--win!

Below are notes based on trends we observed in classrooms this week:

  • Annotating in the digital TE or a printed TE will really help teachers see all of the instructional options that are already living in the documents for them. Annotating vs. cutting/pasting will allow them to spend more time making instructional decisions based on their students. (see below)
  • Timestamping the lessons will definitely help with pacing!!
  • Give permission for teachers to hold the TE in hand when teaching--in fact, encourage it. Leaders are holding the TE in our hands as we observe (on our computers)--we need it to follow along! We are all learning this together!
  • Be sure teachers consider which margin notes in the TE are for the first read and close read. The "think aloud" moments are to be used during the first read, day two of the week! The close read margin notes are for the following days--some are for lesson 3, some lesson 4, and some lesson 5. You need to match the title of the close read box to the mini-lesson for each day. This pattern will repeat throughout each week. Honestly--this is NOT super clear in the TE, so please provide additional direction for your teachers.
  • Teachers need to decide if they will use the provided audio read aloud from Savvas or if they will do the first read aloud themselves. Either way, they will need to PAUSE for the think aloud portions. They might also need to announce page/paragraph numbers to make sure students are following along with "reading eyes."
  • There are tons of great teacher suggestions (scaffolds) at the bottom of the pages, ELL recommendations, possible teaching points, etc.--teachers should read these and consider which options are beneficial for their students' learning. Plan accordingly.
  • Having these beautiful resources doesn't negate the teaching strategies we have put in place before. If teachers want to add engagement strategies--plan for it and do it! Call/response is your thing--keep it up! Aggressive Monitoring (or Academic Monitoring) should be a regular part of the classroom routines. Creativity is all theirs! Keep rigor high!
  • Here's a link that takes you to K-5 MyView TE's. This link makes it easy when you are observing to quickly access what you need. I recommend you create a link to this on your laptop home screen.

Speaking of annotating!

Having observed classrooms this week really helped me to wrap my mind around what it would look like to annotate lessons for MyView. I've gathered a small team of AIC's and we are working feverishly to prepare an exemplar for your teachers to use as they plan moving forward. The goal is to have this ready by 9/10 to share via email with leaders (to then share with teachers).

  • Please note that the annotated lesson would need to be submitted in addition to the blended lesson component of the SLPS plan (which is to be loaded to Teams/Website).
  • In the meantime, teachers should NOT be writing directly in the spiral TE's which need to last us at least 6 years!

Leading Virtual LPIP's: Tips & Tricks

  • Be well-planned and prepared. Being ready allows you to engage in the meeting so much more--it frees your mind to really listen and participate rather than just run through the motions. The more prepared you are, the more you can engage in the conversation, respond to the discussion, and truly interact with your group.
  • Welcome teachers as they enter the room--use names and smile!! Continuing using names throughout.
  • Frame your "cold calls" in our norm of equity of voice. Cold calls should not be used as a punishment but rather as a way to add voices into the room that you haven't heard.
  • Rather than inviting voices to openly come off mute to share, ask participants who want to share to "put their names in chat" and then call on them in order. This eliminates that awkward moment when multiple people speak at one time.
  • To make this even better, batch call a few names in a row from the chat or in cold call. "Let's have Brandon kick us off, then we'll hear from Shaimeka, and Tyler will wrap us up." This allows you to let the participants just carry the conversation and you, the facilitator, can sit back and listen.
  • Notice non-verbals and call them out. "I see you are getting a lot of head nods." "That was powerful...I see people writing that down."
  • Tyler created a generic agenda for leaders to use if you wish to order snacks for your teachers. You can find it here (and also in the One Stop Shop).
  • You might try to leave 10-15 minutes to cover some of the points from the MyView article above in your groups as these are common issues across 3 days of observations at 3 different schools.

Having a partner in leading LPIP's is a huge point to leverage. Some considerations:
  • How can you strategically set up breakout rooms to balance experience and energy?
  • During breakout rooms, who will go where to assist (someone takes odds/evens)?
  • Is someone struggling during the session? Your partner could head to an impromptu breakout room to help that individual without disrupting the entire group.

Weekly Data Meetings: Math

How amazing is it that this year, you have some options for your math WDM's? You could either (a) use the traditional protocol, or (b) analyze student work and then dig into the math task planning template from our 8/18 PD. Both documents are available in our "One Stop Shop" below.

Some considerations as you move into WDM for this year:

  • I know you read this above, but it holds true here too. Be well-planned and prepared. Being ready allows you to engage in the meeting so much more--it frees your mind to really listen and participate rather than just run through the motions. The more prepared you are, the more you can engage in the conversation, respond to the discussion, and truly interact with your group.
  • What is your structure to collect student work? Will teachers turn in the entire class, 2 L/M/H, some other combination?
  • How are you pre-identifying the work that teachers should submit each week? How are you ensuring the work they submit is the most rigorous problem(s) of the data set?
  • How are you leveraging the work of LPIPs from last year (pre-scripted and pre-planned lessons that are housed in Teams) to help your teachers this year?
  • What does unpacking the standard beforehand entail for you as a leader?
  • If you know you need to spend a significant amount of time on the practice (do it) portion of the WDM, consider just showing your unpacked standard and asking the teacher which elements of the unpacked standard are evident in this specific lesson. This can help with shifting time where you need it most.
  • How are you preparing yourself, at any moment during practice, to jump up and model if it will raise the bar for the teacher's practice?


Please be advised Beverly Foster will be retiring 9/30/21--Beverly says "Yeah". Moving forward, submit vouchers to "Accounts Payable" for processing. Please note that they prefer the original documents via pony; however, because of the signature authorizations they will accommodate our digital process.

Unreasonable Request #24: Extra Extra

Unreasonable Request #26: Unplug for Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching! It's our first holiday of the 21-22 school year--although I surely was hoping for a snow day this week. While Labor Day is an annual celebration of the contributions of American workers, it's also a good time to pause and think about the struggles we face with balancing life and work.

Summer is ending. School is in full force!

Your Unreasonable Request #26, should you choose to accept it, is to Unplug for Labor Day. I'm actually asking you to stop laboring for Labor Day!

So....you might need to warn your close friends if you actually plan to fully unplug. I mean...if you don't respond to a text in your usual 3 second fashion, your family might become alarmed. If you end up with 1,482 Facebook notifications, can you handle it? Will you be able to manage returning to work Tuesday morning with a red dot on your email icon?

You do you! Find some balance this weekend!!

One Stop Shop

Check out the updated protocols, articles, and resources here!
  • Thanks to Chad for sparing us Shenandoah’s extra Pre-K mats for nap time! Our students who didn’t have mats were very happy to get them! (nominated by Tyler Archer)

  • Mullanphy’s team has worked every day to manage our 200 students during pick up, as well as 34 buses! Thank you Team Mullanphy! (Kimberly Wilson, Jason Bressman & Tonya Marrocco) I appreciate you! You are the very best! (nominated by Kelli Casper)

    To help teachers manage lesson planning and assessment, Tonya Marrocco created a clearly laid out Assessment Calendar for Q1. (nominated by Kelli Casper)

  • Dr. Tyler Archer - A Big 212 for always being thoughtful and generous! (nominated by Mildred Moore)

  • Dr. Lori Craig and Sonya Wayne - Thank you for checking in on me and wishing me well. (nominated by Mildred Moore)

  • Sonya Wayne & Rachel Kayser for being the first school to turn in their coaching plan and projected student spreadsheet. Early submissions are always welcomed!! (nominated by Jeanine Zitta)

  • Twanda Petty, secretary extraordinaire at Peabody, for submitting the only RGR that did not have to be returned for edits! Yeah!!!!!!!! (nominated by Jeanine Zitta)

  • Tyler Archer for your kindness and always answering my calls and many questions.(nominated by Felicia Miller)

Thursday, September 2

  • LPIP 1, (A) 7:30-8:45 & (B) 3:15-4:30
Friday, September 3
  • 2 Fire Drills Completed (upload to L Drive)
  • Projected Student Spreadsheet Due (email Zitta by 9 am)
  • September Monthly Coaching Plan Due (Email Zitta)
Monday, September 6
  • No School-Labor Day

Friday, September 10

  • Approve Kronos
Thursday, September 16
  • LPIP 2, (A) 7:30-8:45 & (B) 3:15-4:30
  • DLT Meeting (1-3:30, Principals & APs)

Friday, September 17

  • PR Qtr. 1 Go Home

Friday, September 24

  • Elementary AIC PD
  • Approve Kronos

Monday, September 27

  • Hold for Leader PD (Cobb & Krownapple)

Thursday, September 30

  • 1st PBTE Observation Completed
  • Monthly Emergency Drills Completed (Upload to L Drive)

Friday, October 1

  • October Monthly Coaching Plan Due


  • CFA #1: by September 15th (ELA, MA, SCI, SS)
  • STAR #1: August 24-September 24 (ELA & MA)
  • PK DRDP #1: September 7-October 29
  • Scantron Performance #1: September 13-October 14 (Rdg, LA, MA, SCI)


  • Kimberly Wilson, 21st
  • Camille Simmons, 24th


  • Tyler Archer, 6th
  • Emily Jackson, 10th
  • Jeanine Zitta, 21st
  • Christina Sweeney, 24th

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