Internet Safety

By Andres Vergara


Facebook is one of the most popular social media. There is some pros and cons of Facebook.Some people use Facebook to get a hold of long distant relatives. However some people are up to no good and like to hack people or say rude things about them. But there are also sensors to block out people you don't want .


Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures or videos and add effects to it.This form of social media is less safe and has less sensors. However there is a block button to block people you don't know .Snapchat also allows you to text other snapchaters.


Twitter is a form of social media where you post comments of the things you did. Twitter is mostly just post not pictures. Twitter also has a blocking option but I'm not so sure how it works cause I don't use Twitter.


Instagram is another from of social media . All you do for this one is post pictures and add a caption if you want. For Instagram you can choose whether or not your profile is public or private. Public means anyone can see your profile and private no one can.