Our city is sustainable because we use natural resources in a friendly way. We use natural resources to make electricity without disturbing the ecosystem. The pollution and wastes generated from industries and factories are transported in special containers to avoid health issues. We also use electric cars and magnetic bullet trains for transportation. In our city, there are a lot of parks and picnic spots.

Urban Land Use

To make our residential land use better, there are high rise apartments located at certain places and angles, so the sunlight can go to all corners in the city. Another reason that there are more apartments than houses is to increase the open space so we can make parks, community centres etc. There are many high-rose churches, mosques, schools, offices and hospitals that are built to cover less ground and give a huge amount of people to be there at the same time. Health care and education are free in our city. The shops and plazas are located near the apartments so people don't have to use their vehicles all the time. Buses, trains, taxis etc. have cheap fairs. These transportation vehicles work with solar power. All the buildings in the city work with either hydraulic power or solar power. Industries are located far away from the residential areas to decrease pollution. as for industries' wastes, special containers are attached to industries' wastage pipes.These containers don't let the waste in them get out of containers. Even smoke can't get out of these containers.