Three Things to Know

Care Lead Edition

A little update from Team Awesome

Did you know.....

Shelby has been helping Deanna with purchase orders this week while Aimee is back and getting up to speed in Care.

What is.....

#customerconnection? Eric has asked us to share our best customer connection stories. You know, the ones that make you tear up when you read them, the ones where advocates really go above and save someone's wedding, vacation, cat from a burning building, etc. As a way to help keep track of these, Audrey has asked that we post these stories in Yammer and tag them with #customerconnection.

What's new....

Natalie has really taken the lead on Community Appeasements and helping to make sure that team really understands what goes on in Care and how we help the customer once the review is forwarded to us.

Ashley B will now be reporting to UXR instead of myself. Any patterns you may notice in customer sentiment should be reported to her or Cara.