Video Games Cause Juvinile Violence

By- Nathan Anderson

Video Game Controversy

If a teen is sheltered or kept away from video games, they are inexperienced with how to be socially smart, and street smart. They never get to endure the rush of killing zombie, revving up an engine before a race, or scoring the winning touchdown at the superbowl. But, parents abuse this privilege to have these games by buying their kids games that are targeted towards 16-30 year olds. Children are playing M (Mature) rated games that have drug deals and profanity and they think it is ok to repeat what the game does. Video games are a get away from the harsh life in the real world and an open up to a whole new world full of happiness and adrenaline.

The Problem

Parents allow their children to play rated M games at the age of 4-10! These kids are pend up to a new maturity level in how to talk and act. The video games they play are about killing people, cursing, and smoking weed. They can repeat these words and actions because they think it is okay because the game did it. “52% of 11-14 year olds have a game console.”(Education leadership, 1). This turns into bad behavior among those children.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is to look on the back of the game you are purchasing and find the age restriction. Do not allow any kid under the age of 10 pay on the M (Mature) rated games. Children under that age should be playing games such as Super Mario or any type of Wii games will be kid friendly. Those types of games have no bad behavior other tn racing other people. “27% of 11-14 year olds have said that their parents set boundaries to how much they can pay videogames”(, 2). If all parents by this rule, we can put a stop to juvenile violence among children.


In conclusion, I think that kids should be able to play video games, as long as they don't play the wrong games. As the days go on, kids are becoming more and more open to all of these violent games, but we can put a stop to it.

Violence in Video Games Documentary