Apollo moon landing

Did it really happen?

The landing

Three astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. shoot off to the moon July 16th 1969 and land on the moon July 21st 1969 at 2:56. This event took place because of the space race that was going on from 1957-1975. So was it faked?

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So was the landing faked?

There are many biased reports from the media which almost all of them had something to do with the Apollo landing being faked. I believe that the Apollo landing could be fake. The media believes that pictures of the astronauts were taken on earth and edited so that the united states could be in first for the space race. Others would believe it wasn't faked because it was on national television with half a billion people watching.
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Criticisms of the Apollo landing

The Apollo landing can be criticized by historical evidence because going to the moon was so unheard of and also before then you couldn't even get the the moon on a space ship. It was to long of a trip and we didn't have enough technology to do so. So this can be technological criticism also.