Best Job In Town

Animal Trainer

Why Is It The Best Job In Town?

Introducing the morning edition of Best Job In Town, animal trainer edition. they help keep the animals happy and heathy, in and anround your community. That new puppy you got from the animal shelter last year was most likely rescued by animal trainers. Do you ever wonder who trains guide dogs for the blind? well guess what, Animal trainers do that too! they keep zoo animal healthy which generates money going there to see the healthy animals, thats why they help with your local economy. if you are looking for a job that has to do with animals then this would be the definate job for you!

Average Salary Is $45,230 Per Year

Required features

For this fun loving and exciting job you have to be a very educated person. you have to have a high school diploma OR GED , bachaler degree and animal health degree. for this job also you have to be calm, obsevatinal, problem sloveing skills, good physical condition and a GREAT affection to ALL animals. the types of places that would hire you would be a veternarian and other animal training places. Although the groth rate of this job is only 3%-6% if you really care for animals you wouldnt care!