Happy At Home Pet Sitting

"On vacation or away? Leave your pet at home to stay!"

About Me

My name is Caroline Schroeder and I have 9 + years of pet sitting experience. I work at a veterinary clinic here in Auburn and absolutely love animals! With my pet sitting services you can relax while knowing that your pet is safe and Happy At Home!

Rates for Dogs

· Double Day- Includes two visits per day to feed and walk your pup. $25.00

· Triple Play- Three separate visits a day to feed and walk your dog. $30.00

Rates for Cats

· Single Stop - One visit per day to feed your cat. $15.00

· Twice is Nice- Two visits per day to feed your cat. $20.00

Contact Information

Phone: (404) 694-9908

Email: schroeder.caroline@yahoo.com

  • To book pet sitting services please call at least one week in advance.
  • References available upon request.
  • For rates on animals other than dogs or cats please call or e-mail.