Ricchezza's Weekly News

March 3-7, 2014

New Benchmark Starts!

Monday, March 3 starts a new benchmark (work from the last one was due Friday, February 28). By now all schedule groups are having work due, so we're in full swing. If you missed any of the work from the last benchmark, you are currently late and are being penalized 10% per school day thru Friday the 7th. No work from the 2-28 benchmark will be accepted after 3-7.

I am not, as of the writing of this notice, finished grading the work from that benchmark, but as soon as I am, zeroes will be entered for anything not submitted, and parent contact for those below 70 will be right after that.

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News and Notes

You're doing well, folks. I've been very pleased with the relatively large percentage of students who have been trying really hard to turn in work on time.

One note for you, though. Many students are not checking school email. This is not my idea, folks. The school has made a ruling for your privacy protection and for your legal protection - we cannot discuss your education over public email. I am not allowed to send anything useful to your private email. (I can send you an email asking you where you've been, but that's not something I've really got time for.) So please check school email, and if you need to contact me - and please do - use school email.